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vocal sextet of entanglement written for Variant 6

Out from Under

installation and spatialized composition based around Arctic field recordings

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for clarinet, violin, piano, synth, and custom percussion (

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audiovisual performance with mannequin interface 

String Figures

 for vibraphone, electronics, and blindfolds

(In Phases)

spatialized sound/ light/and text composition

for Echo

 for guitar, projection, and live audio/video processing

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video score for guided improvisation and video manipulation (written for fff ensemble)

(is) she (is) disappearing

 for tea kettles, IR sensors, voice, and electronics

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all dolled up with nowhere to go

audiovisual performance with mannequin interface

just the bones

solo composition for prepared guitar


solo composition for organ and electronics

Quartet for a Lonely Performer

for solo clarinet and electronics

my three bodies on the shore

for 4 guitars, electric bass, and electronics

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creature hatch

sonic animation

harder to live within harder to live without

 for organ, prepared cello, and electronics


for piano and synthesizer

the never-ending tunnel in the Alsace-Lorraine

for music box and electronics

when will we meet

sound sculpture composition

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shoot the well

for bassoon and live electronics