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my three bodies on the shore

composition for 4 electric guitars, electric bass, and electronics

4-channel composition made using data from the fluctuating tides at three separate beaches- (Montauk, NY , Hudson, NY , and San Francisco, CA)- the performers follow a score that directs the changing of their tuning in line with the tidal data.


The electronic element consists of Max/MSP programming that uses that same tidal data to spatialize and delay the performers' sounds.  

recording and image from live premier by Dartmouth's Contemporary Music Lab (Directed by Amy Garapic) at the Hood Museum of Art (Hanover, NH)

Performers (from left to right): Aaron Karp- guitar

Amy Garapic- guitar

Christy Rose- bass

 Lloyd May- guitar

 Hunter Brown- guitar

[with composer on electronics]

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