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co-composed with Julie Zhu (2021) for Ensemble Resilience

{for piano, custom percussion, clarinet, violin, and electronics}

The “Manic Pixie Dream Girl”— a trope of the *alternative* woman steeped in mystery, emotion, and sensuality and existing only in reference to the men infatuated by her. This cliche is translated and imposed on the work of women in alternative music in the form of the “sad indie girl” genre. In dreamgirl, informed by our own subjectivities as “alternative women” and composers, we collaboratively unravel and interweave sad indie girl songs while transposing their pop idiom into New Music ensemble expressions. Fragments from the original songs are placed as textures and hinges throughout the composition— allowing for a sonic space that collapses the distance between alternative pop and experimental music, built entirely out of materials provided by the mythical dreamgirl.

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