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List of Select Works:

shoot the well (2021) [written for performance by Rebekah Heller]

 bassoon, live electronics 

dreamgirl (2021) co-composed with Julie Zhu [written for performance by Ensemble Resilience]

 clarinet, violin, piano, custom percussion, synth, electronics

Knot (2021) [written for performance by Variant Six]

 vocal sextet

Sham (2020)

 custom mannequin instrument, projection, sound, video playback 


Out from Under (2020)

 interactive audio-visual installation (15 ft. trampoline, transducers, bass shakers, flex sensors, projection, Max/MSP)


for Echo (2020)

 reactive projection, solo guitar, live electronics

String Figures (2019) [written for performance by Amy Garapic]

 vibraphone, live electronics


(is) she (is) disappearing (2019) [written for performance by Pamela Z]

 tea kettles, IR season blocks, voice, live electronics

my three bodies on the shore (2019)

 4 electric guitars, electric bass, live electronics, 4-channel spatialization


Pinky Promise (Sway) (2019)

 accordion, electronics, bowed guitar


(In Phases) (2018)

 3 performers on 3 bowed guitars, 3 voices, 2 Moog mother synthesizers, serge analog synthesizer, piano, glass objects with feedback, Max/MSP- 6-channel spatialization, projected text, scored lighting


pulse(s) (2018)

 serge analog synthesizer and piano- 4 channel spatialization


Quartet for a Lonely Performer (2018[written for performance by Madison Greenstone]

 solo clarinet and live electronics - 4 channel spatialization


reticence (2018)

 organ and electronics


harder to live within/ harder to live without (2018)

 organ, prepared cello, live electronics


the never-ending tunnel in the Alsace-Lorraine (2018)

 music boxes and live electronics


slice/s (2018)

 bowed guitar, electronics

Intimate Separation (2017)

 sound sculpture for hanging speaker surrounded by sheer fabric, composed audio for single speaker and surround sound in space around sculpture 


just the bones (2017)

 solo prepared guitar and loop pedal


the void through which we move (2017) [written for performance with Henry Birdsey]

installation performance for live electronics and guitar

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