Clara Allison is a sound artist interested in intimacy and distance. She uses sound, light, and vibration to build immersive spaces / moments that emphasize connection. In her perpetually morphing practice, she returns continually to themes of ecology, queerness, and the space-body relationship, realizing interactive installations and spatialized compositions.


Clara has worked in Greenland as an NSF funded artist fellow for the Institute for Arctic studies, taught classes in acoustic ecology/ field recording, and led workshops on beginner sound programming practices. Some of her recent and ongoing projects include immersive works made from Arctic recordings, electro-acoustic compositions that deploy blindfolds to position power, and the transformation of a mannequin into an interface for audio-visual performances. She holds a BA from Bard College in Electronic Music/Sound and Literature, an MA from Dartmouth in Digital Musics, and is currently pursuing her DMA in composition at Stanford.