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clara allison is a sound artist interested in intimacy and empathy-- she loves to be immersed in waves (of sound /light/emotion). Her works explore connection, queer power dynamics, collaboration, and decolonizing western music composition. Her scores are strange: using her own face (in drag) as musical notation, twisting melodic lines into literal knots on the page, making music from ecological illustrations. Her performances are queer: blindfolding performers, transforming a mannequin into an instrument, using a trampoline to control sound.


clara is an Appalachian currently based in Pittsburgh where she is training as a carpenter/woodworker. She has been an NSF funded artist fellow for the Institute for Arctic studies (working in Arctic/Nordic regions) and taught classes in field recording and sound programming to both high school and university students. She has a BA from Bard College, an MA from Dartmouth, and is currently pursuing her DMA in Composition at Stanford. 

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