Clara Allison is a sound artist currently based in New Hampshire. She uses sound to fill and build immersive spaces, places, and moments that are intrinsically poetic, ecological, sonically sensual, and queer. Clara received her B.A. from Bard College in Literature and Electronic Music and Sound and is pursuing her Masters in Digital Musics at Dartmouth. Her current work/thesis surrounds sonic explorations of the Anthropocene -- focusing on sound as a medium for communicating ecological experiences/climate crisis. She is interested in using interactive installation design and spatialized compositions to emphasize empathy, explore proximity of bodies and sound in space, and create her own practice of worlding. She has studied computer composition and installation design under Ashley Fure, Matthew Sargent, Bob Bielecki, Seth Parker Woods, and Spencer Topel.


Artist statement:

I find the same beauty in sound that I find in poetry: an ability to communicate and incite emotion so woven into the body and the self that it’s visceral in its impact. I want my work to be immersive, to surround, to accumulate, to act as a water that suspends the body. The spatial quality of my sounds reference the fluctuation of our ecological state (on micro and macro scales). In my sonic worlds I want bodies to feel simultaneously  flung into space alone and brought closer to Earth together. These are impossible and queer tasks.